My last post

This is a tautological post, a meta-post, a post about a post. Sometimes its good to stop and think about what we do from the outside. This is a brief post about the last two years of my life at CSM. Before joining the Master’s in Character Animation I had miserable jobs for several years; mainly slaving away for rich art collectors. I thought that was my life, I thought that was it. I went through the whole process of hating my job, getting depressed, getting fired… blah, blah, blah.

I realised I had to try to go back to my roots and do something that allowed me to express myself creatively, so I want back to uni. It was the best thing I did since moving to London in 2012. The course was such a pivotal learning experience. Besides learning the foundations of character animation, I developed my work through an array of mediums and techniques. This has brought up skills in me that I would not have been aware of, had I not had the chance to develop them.

Lastly, this blog has helped me to become aware of my own voice. I hope that the tone I have set on this platform has not been too personal from time to time but I now, finally feel that I have the chance to express myself wholly with this new creative freedom. Therefore, all of my projects, have some reference to my life and my experiences that have brought me to where I stand today.

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