Look how organised my production schedule is!

Some people are analytical, some are just anal. I believe I am neither of these. I know there is room for improvement for my organisational skills but I don’t think I will ever get a kick out of being “my own office bitch”. Let me clarify: I will never be one of those people who can find the time or take pleasure in over-organising their work; for example by creating colourful mandala-like spreadsheets. To be honest I can barely pronounce or spell the word, to me is sounds and reads more like “spreadshit”. The time and effort it takes for me to properly use Excel is maybe more than the time and effort it takes for me to actually do the job. For my grad film, I successfully organised and planned a 6 month project using just three little A5 pieces of paper.

Last time I directed a movie I made a wall size schedule that I hung in my kitchen. This caused me such anxiety that this time I have opted for a pocked size production schedule so that I can keep using my house but without constantly being reminded of how behind schedule I am or how much longer it took to shoot than animate!

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