Spinning Nene

I made some loopy animations out of the character sheets for my grad movie. This is the grandma character, she is called Nene:

This character is a portrait of my great aunt Nene. She lived in my family home in a flat above my parents. She was truly evil… over the years I came to accept that she was a sociopath. The worst thing she did was beat her 80 year old husband with a cane to the point that he could not walk anymore. But this was the later Nene. The Nene from my teenage years would cash me to drive her to the cemetery so that she could take fresh flowers, obsessively tidy up several family tombs and use her old claws for snapping dried bush branches. She would clean the tombs with a little broom and purposely swipe all the dirt on the surroundings. Once I remember her apostrophising to freshly dead ‘neighbours’ who had just been covered with a sparkling new white marble, “Sti cagoni” translated “these showoffs” (literal translation: “Big Shitters”) after swiping some dust onto the slab.

Another time she looked to the left and then to the right like a cartoon and then thew a ball of paper into the middle of the outdoors, grassy graveyard area.

Nene would go around and show me all these tombs telling me about this and that big family from 200 years ago whom she talked about as if she knew them well. She more likely knew the tomb well rather than than anyone deceased in 1890… We would end up tidying the tomb of some very far, far away illustrious relative from the 30s. But was this shit made up?

Great Auntie Nene died few years ago. I did not go to the funeral and have never gone to see her grave. My home town’s old cemetery is so beautiful that it has become one of those places where you hang out with old friends every few years. Perhaps I should go and look for her grave and draw a moustache on her picture.

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