Pollon dad died.

On the 3rd of October the great Hideo Aduma passed away.

Besides his many achievements as a manga artist and cartoonist, he was the genius who created Little Pollon, one of my fave childhood tv cartoons. Aduma used to start each episode by portraying himself as a narrating, weird fly character with a human head, wearing an ink pen hat and often carrying a red flask. This was his self portrait, those were his props; the hagiographic attributes of a man, kind of like the Asian Bukovsky in cartoon form.

His life of great professional achievements came with a high price when, in the 90s, Aduma disappeared for months at a time in a bubble of alcohol, at the fringes of society. He came back on the scene in 2005 with a fictionalised account of these troubled times in his life.

Aduma is the little character in the bottom left corner.

An English language version of Disappearance Diary, published by Ponent Mons, explains:

In 1989 Hideo Azuma left his family and work and tried (unsuccessfully) to hang himself using the slope of a mountain. This autobiographical account of his slide into alcoholism and eventual recovery takes painful experiences from the darkest reaches of his mind and treats them with an overriding sense of a cartoonist’s humor.

Source: Comic Natalie

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