My movie got selected for MEET Festival so I got myself a mini break in Rome!

My movie was part of this year’s Official Selection for the MEET Film Festival in Rome. The Movies for European Education and Training was so kind to invite me to stay for the duration of the kermesse that took place in the gorgeous neighbourhood of the Garbatella.

There I stayed in one of the famous ‘Lotti’, the modernist council houses built before, and during, the Fascist Regime in the unique revivalist and eclectic “Barocchetto Romano”; a style that blossomed in early 20s Rome. This was based on the urban model of the city garden but was also permeated by architectural citationism.

The Teatro Garbatella, main venue of MEET filmfestival 2019.

It was wonderful to see Rome in October again. The weather is still summery even though it’s autumn everywhere else in Europe. The Romans call these sunny days, where you go out and about, “Ottombrate”.

Even though my movie didn’t win a prize, I was happy to have it screened outdoor in Rome on a random evening in October. I wondered through the “Eternal City” for a couple of days with some old friends and went out dancing all night… all unplanned!

By the way, here is the link to the festival:

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