What too much VR did to me.

After working in VR for a month on an animated short movie, I feel it’s time to document the effects that the medium is having on my mind and body.

VR gives you a bald patch in the middle of your skull. At first it’s a laughing matter but the penis-shaped, compressed hair look will persist, even after showering. The hideous square silhouette will appear after a week and will develop into a light, almost imperceptible, hair loss in the region by around the fourth week (just on time for the project’s deadline).

The effects on my eyes have been several, ranging from swelling to eye infection symptoms. Most notably, my right eye feels different and, for the first time, I experienced not being able to focus on something. Sometimes I see white dots. I need to see an Optometrist.

VR makes you quite irritable. Nowadays, after spending hours tapping on a virtual interface to transform the things around me, when I come back to the real world and board the 73 bus In Kings Cross, I want to tap passengers’ noses to see if they’ll delete from in front of me. Just saying.

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