Life Drawing Day at the Natural History Museum

I have lived in London for 8 years and am ashamed to admit that until now, I had never managed to pay a visit to the Natural History Museum in Kensington.

Generally speaking, I am quite disinterested in scientific displays and as a result, had completely missed out on the wonders of this spectacular architecture; a jewel of Victorian genius and its taste for revivalism. 

In short, the whole place looks like it has come out of a Romanic architectural book on steroids. The view above is from a corridor called Matroneo, the corridor that faced the central body of the Church (Navata) where the women, (Matrone) would witness the function.

As much as I tried not to let it get to me, I really am not keen on stuffed animals and keep  thinking that I am looking at something organic coated in chemicals, like a mummy and this makes my OCD flip.

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