Life Drawing in Space: Moving Subject and Moving POV

Drawing 30 second poses is not easy. Imagine when the model walks around the room…

…or your self jumping from one chair to another in a circle around the model.

Like Mrs. Marie Claire reminds, “In life drawing like in real life we need to change our perspective as much as possible and we will see things differently” or something like that. I do agree with her.

Where to place a face?

Character modeling is a totally different experience in Oculus Medium, it’s much more organic and instantaneous. It took me one hour only to create this alien puppet while I was exploring the main tools and features of this fantastic  and immersive VR experience.
I still have to detail the head but the body and the coloring is done.
I then imported the file into Maya, where I will rig and animate the character.

I still need to figure out where to place the eyes. I am thinking to make it so the face is in the pelvis and the mouth corresponds with the pubis. It would be interesting to rig it upside down and see how it would work.  It would move like the spider walk in the exorcist but with  the actual head lifelessly dangling to the back as a tail… or maybe I should just place the face in its traditional location?


I tried VR painting and sculpting and now my brain has changed its shape-

I tried VR sculpting and painting today. Below is a snapshot of what I made while familiarising with the machine. It’s done with Oculus Medium, I did not really get into detailing,  it’s just a mockup made with masses of round beautiful virtual clay… The feeling is amazing, so immersive that when you take the visor off you just want to go back in!

I then moved on to try Tilt Brush and it’s insane! I decided to experiment with  some automatic drawings using the wire brush. Below is a video footage of a trial version. I am still familiarising with the virtual space, it’s easy to get carried away with the drawing and tangle yourself in wires or even knock down something.

I have decided to specialise in 3D animation!

After my first month at MACA I decided to specialise in 3D animation! Below is the first character I have made in Maya since the course started. It’s a Dodo Chick! I modelled it a couple of days ago and now I can not wait to give it some texture and animate this cutie!

               I have also been working independently on another character that I am hoping to animate soon. Here are some screen grabs at different stages of the modelling process.

Below is the final A pose.

This is the colouring made with Photoshop 3D painting tool.