Site specific installation for “Dream’s That Money Can’t Buy” at Factory Grisu’

This month some of my work had been showcased in the exhibition “Dream’s that Money Can’t Buy” at Factory Grisu’ in Ferrara, Italy.

The show was curated by Sara Ricci in partnership with Cellar Contemporary and Ferrara City Council.┬áThe curator invited us to reflect on the 1947 experimental feature colour film by the Dada-Surrealist Master Hans Richter “Dreams That Money Can’t Buy”. Each artist had to create a site specific installation for a different area of the building, an old 1910 fire brigade station.

I chose the stairway space in the entrance to the building to hang my work; a continuous line drawing, which I refer to as an “automatic drawing”, drawn on a long scroll of paper.

Automatic drawings form a significant part of my artistic production. It’s practice in which your mind is trying to suppress conscious control while shifting in between subconscious mental images.

Dadaism and Surrealism both experimented the Psychic Automatism, which was the link between my works and the concept of the show.

At the bottom of the stairs, I installed an old Kodak Karousel to project a selection of 42 A4 automatic drawings I’ve produced over the past year.

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